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An Eco-tourism Consultancy

Developing premium adventure travel experiences.

Adventure travel is an extremely broad travel segment, defined for some as a stroll through Hillbrow on new years eve and for others, back packing through the Australian outback. In our definition, adventure travel and eco-tourism are inextricably linked.

Developing the product.

Enough travel trend indicators signal a rapid increase in adventure travel, and particularly inter-generational travel. This created a latent demand which simply needed meeting and brought about the idea of developing an experience aimed at the luxury end of this segment.  

        Image with the courtesy of Patrick King – taken at Baviaanskloof Pop-Up Camp.

Creating the demand.

The next logical step was finding an audience which was receptive to the concept, and whilst the message is compelling; many folk are searching for exciting family experiences, the route to market is long. Considerable time and effort has been expended in developing and communicating with our audience, many of whom have become avid fans.

Expanding the offering.

Growing the market must wait for the concept to expand, and this expansion is the most exciting next step, as it requires like minded individuals to join us in creating awesome wilderness experiences throughout South Africa. This process is underway. 

The next step.

Developing or identifying existing eco-tourism related guest experiences is something that occupies a fair amount of our time. We are constantly on the look-out for products which pioneer premium adventure travel in South Africa. The potential that exists to develop economically viable guest experiences within some of our rural communities is vast.

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Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel In the past year my attention has been caught by the number of articles dedicated to adventure travel, and the rapid growth of this travel