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An Eco-tourism Training Consultancy

Developing people who develop premium adventure travel experiences.

Adventure travel is an extremely broad travel segment, defined by some as back packing and for other being enveloped in the lap of luxury at one of our private game lodges. In our definition, adventure travel and eco-tourism are inextricably linked.

Developing Your Product

Enough travel trend indicators signal a rapid increase in adventure travel world-wide, and particularly inter-generational travel. This creates a latent demand which simply needs to be met. We assist establishments in the development, presentation and marketing of these experiences which appeal broadly to the adventure travel market.

        Image with the courtesy of Patrick King – taken at Baviaanskloof Pop-Up Camp.

Managing Your Product

Another particularly broad field which requires a range of expertise, and often where entrepreneurs and visionaries overlook the detail. We assist with identifying, isolating and improving all areas of operational and financial management. Just when you thought you couldn’t reduce your costs by another cent, we may suggest increasing costs, but only where there is a proven resultant revenue opportunity.

Supporting Your Product

Perhaps the single most significant difference between ourselves and many other consultants is our ability to support establishments by placing bookings. We are proud to say that we have, for example, the largest social media following of any tourism product in South Africa. We have earned the trust of many adventure travellers and are always keen to present innovative and exciting products to them.



The course is designed to equip the delegate with the essential skills and knowledge required to perform the function of a manager in the field of eco-tourism related hospitality & services.

Each eco-tourism product is generally quite different from the next, possessing unique landowner relationships, traverse arrangements, operating challenges, culture etc. It is therefore often more convenient to promote internally rather than undertaking the arduous task of appointing an external candidate and undergoing an induction process which is unlikely to adequately capture the multitude of unwritten rules.

Often field guides become a natural choice for manager and are unrealistically expected to perform as a manager with very little or no technical knowledge of  the function. This is compounded by their very insular operating environment and the fact that they are generally supervised by owners / managers who are also the product of a similar career path or largely absent.

The MANAGEMENT OF ECO-TOURISM LODGES AND CAMPS course is designed to equip the candidate with the basic skills and knowledge required to better understand and perform in his or her new and significantly expanded function, prior to their appointment or soon after.

The course is beneficial to anyone from any field guide, junior manager or supervisor position with some prior experience in the eco-tourism industry. It is equally beneficial for anyone who believes that they are sufficiently competent to begin the process of applying for manager positions.

The course outline, case studies, and background information which is shared during the course is proven to be relevant in the management of small to large eco-tourism operations and is presented by experts in their respective fields.

Time is allocated during general discussion periods for delegates to question presenters on specific matters for which they may require advice.


  1. Financial Control;
    • Reduce theft & losses,
    • Interpret management accounts & balance sheet,
    • Necessary insurance cover,
    • Break-even analysis,
    • Statutory obligations.
  2. Able to cost a 3 or 4 day rotational menu including;
    • A sample menu plan,
    • Order quantities,
    • Supplier price negotiations & payment terms.
  3. Proficient in stock management including;
    • Stock taking,
    • Stock valuation,
    • Minimum stock level thresholds.
  4. Able to produce a marketing plan, including;
    • Setting of rates, inclusions and exclusions,
    • Identifying target markets (local and inbound)
    • Develop promotions and activations,
    • Identifying advertising and sales channels,
    • Setting and maintaining agent commission levels,
    • Techniques and methods to communicate with customers,
    • Content production.
  5. Process reservations including;
    • Management of online inventory,
    • Dynamic pricing / contracted rates and yield management techniques,
    • Cancellation procedures and penalties.
  6. Proficient in responding to guest feedback, including;
    • Techniques to manage guest complaints,
    • Identifying appropriate guest feedback channels.
  7. Able to develop a staffing solution including;
    • Company rules, job descriptions, and employment contracts,
    • Casual, fixed term, and permanent employees,
    • Managing hours/days worked, split shifts, time off, compassionate leave, and annual leave,
    • Sector determined minimum wages and remuneration.
  8. Able to manage staff performance through;
    • Performance counselling,
    • Target setting and incentivising performance,
    • Dispute and grievance procedures,
    • Disciplinary hearing procedures,
    • Conflict mediation.
  9. Manage field guides including;
    • Guide remuneration,
    • Evaluating guide performance,
    • Recognising guide burn-out,
  10. Manage outsourced service providers through the development of key performance areas for;
    • Web design, build, search engine optimisation and maintenance,
    • Social media management,
    • Administration,
    • Marketing & sales.


On completion of the course, delegates will be provided with access to our online library where a variety of operational templates and documents are available for download at their convenience.

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