Having operated mobile ‘pop-up’ camps around the country for several years, you could say we have seen the best and worst of weather, tried many commercially available tents of all shapes and sizes, and observed that   existing products are not able to withstand ever-changing weather patterns. Our design is based on improving two specific failure points which effect commercially available gazebos whilst maintaining simplicity and mobility. We have produced two of the most functional sizes with two canopy  options.

MEDIUM – 4M LONG – R3850
LARGE – 6M LONG – R5750

Height – 2,60m | Shoulder height – 1,83m | Foot width – 4,80m3

Typically, frames are manufactured from mild steel, they have a wall thickness of usually between 1,2mm and 1,6mm, although 1,6mm are normally reserved for larger safari style tents, and not normally used in gazebos. The tubing diameter is 19mm and 25mm and they are generally finished with an iodiosed coating. Whilst the coating is intended protect the steel from the elements it will succumb to the abrasive effect when connecting tubes together before long. When the frame is exposed to coastal conditions, the exposed and connected steel sections will fuse together, making separating them difficult and the process causes further damage. Even when anchored (most models do not make provision for anchor points) moderate winds will be sufficient to place significant pressure on the inadequate frame causing distortion. Our mild steel frames are finished in a coat black etch primer and we recommend a second coat is applied after installation if the gazebo is intended to positioned for extended periods of time. The frame can then be finished in what ever colour you chose (we typically leave the finish in black etch primer, and are then able to quickly identify and rectify any rust spots.

We use 27mm x 1,6mm tubes for the frame and 32mm section for the junctions. We have found this to be the ideal size to afford significant structural strength and retain its mobility.

Typically, gazebos are supplied with nylon, shade cloth, or light duty (240gms) rip-stop canvas. We have elected to provide the option of two fabric types for a single frame, and the option exists to select both to accommodate different requirements. If UVR protection is your only consideration, we supply a high quality, up to 95% protection shade cloth. The cloth is warrantied against the elements for 10 years and is available in many colours. If rain protection is your primary objective, we supply a heavy-duty (400gms) rip-stop canvas canopy which is UV resistant, water proof and fungal resistant, it is also available in several colours.