Off-Road Canvas Products

A division dedicated to producing better for less, and whilst some of the products are unique in South Africa, some are not so unique and have just been improved to ensure better longevity.

Subject Sorters – R59,95

Can carry several A4 work books and notes – dimensions; 35cm x 26cm and expands up to 5cm. The robust design and fabric provides good overall strength and durability.

Pencil Cases – R39,95

Pencil cases are equally strong, and with zips are designed to last a life time. The pencil case dimensions are 32cm x 12cm.



Sun and bird droppings (equally damaging) are becoming an ever increasing problem. All too often finding a shady spot to park your car is difficult, and whilst trees can provide dense shade they also make the ideal perch for birds and exude sap. The Porta-Port may resemble a normal gazebo, but that is where the similarity ends. Porta-Port frames are made from 25mm mild steel tube with a thickness of 1,6mm (standard gazebo frames are typically 22-25mm x 1,2mm.

All to often we require a temporary shade solution and this can be at home, work or on holiday.

For more information on canvas products feel free to visit their website.

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