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Innovative Incentives

Delivering incentive travel solutions in the Eastern Cape.

We are in the business of receiving, enhancing, and executing demanding incentive group programmes from agents from all over the world. Each outstanding event has simply set a new start point for the next incentive programme.

Our attention is now focussed on what is arguably the province with the greatest adventure prospects, and unlike the well-worn incentive highways in SA, the Eastern Cape is the road less travelled.

Flanked by the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve, the Amatola mountains, the little Karoo, the wild coast and everything in between, the Eastern Cape is poised to guarantee one thing at least and that is, something you have never done before.

Designing your accommodation solution.

Your accommodation is a bit like a ‘blank canvas’, you decide where your venue will be, and then how big or small it should be. Your accommodation can include several enhancements which are able to transform your surrounding space from basic to luxurious. Our meal options are equally scalable and once again how much focus and attention you wish to include remains at your discretion.

Designing your hospitality solution.

Our meal options are equally scalable and once again, how much focus and attention you wish to place on your culinary experience remains at your discretion. Dining under a star studded sky around the fire, under canvas in our dining tents, or on the move with a picnic stop, we’ll enhance your glamping experience.  

Designing your activity options.

The Eastern Cape, also known as the ‘adventure province’, features an abundance of naturally spectacular attractions, many of which have yet to be discovered by our incentive market. Your options are almost endless, and whilst some are 90 minutes away, others are far closer.



The Eastern Cape has yet to be exploited by incentive groups, and has an incredible amount to offer;

  1. Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve – Approximately 1,5 hours away from our Gamtoos River Mouth Base Camp is the entrance to the kloof, and this is a spectacular world heritage site complete with mountainous passes and crystal clear river crossings. Best enjoyed with a 4×4 although a high clearance vehicle alone is also possible. This is South Africa’s largest wilderness area.
  2. Addo National Park – Another jewel in the eastern cape crown and it is approximately 1,5 hours away from our Gamtoos River Mouth Base Camp. Home to some of the best elephant viewing in South Africa, amongst many other animal species. And for the wildlife enthusiasts, look out for the flightless dung beetle.
  3. Tsitsikamma National Park is 1,5 hours away from the camp.
  4. The Gamtoos River – Our base camp is based at the Gamtoos River, open to the sea, it is surrounded by spectacularly sculptured sand dunes, endless beach and lagoon.

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