Glamping is the ultimate compromise.

Glamorous camping has been called many things, but a statement like glamping is the ultimate compromise is not one that is immediately obvious.  In fact camping without compromise may be a better description. But then again we were focusing too much on life in a luxury camp, and not enough about skeptical campers.

So instead of assuming that everyone is more than happy to experience a luxury camp, we took a step back, further up the buying decision process. And chatting to a family recently who had trekked a considerable distance to get to a camp, we remembered what we had long forgotten. Not everyone enjoys the outdoors, and even fewer camping.

The thought of sharing poorly maintained ablution facilities is enough to shut down the debate long before it even has a chance of being raised. And if you can convince your spouse to overlook the inconvenience of standing inline for a shower, it only gets harder. The thought of cooking, washing dishes, and walking 100m to the loo at 2am is not going to build your case for an adventure weekend.

This is well traversed territory in the family discourse, and more often than not, the pro camping family members are simply not able to convince the anti campers to give it a go, and less likely to entertain a repeat camping experience.

Back to this particular family; in this case the husband came across an advert for a luxury pop-up camp, and it described the event as a glamping experience including a handful of images depicting furnished and equipped tents. It immediately occurred to him that glamping is the ultimate compromise.

The story goes something like this; dad is an outdoors father of two and keen to expose his son to as much of the outdoors as possible before the inevitable attraction of devices and gadgets takes hold of him.

Mom is your typical anti camper, having been down this camping road before, and vowed that it would never be repeated. And armed with an infant, this was never going to be any easy negotiation, and who can blame her for wanting the conveniences of a microwave oven at 11pm and again at 3am.

Now apparently Dad sat on this information, as one does when waiting for the right time to float a prickly idea, for a few days before sheepishly broaching the subject of a camping trip for the family.  He began by showing the already negative matriarch a few pics.

Glamping is the ultimate compromise

Glamping is the ultimate compromise

Glamping is the ultimate compromise

He exclaimed as went through the usual objections;

1. Private ablution tent.
2. Freshly prepared meals.
3. Real beds with linen.

By this time Mom was mildly interested, and after completing the well rehearsed sales pitch, she had succumbed to his enthusiasm, and agreed to go.

It must be said she was delighted with her experience, and will no doubt be keen to try this again.

Glamping is the ultimate compromise.