Wood-Fired Donkey Boilers Direct To You

Also known as ‘donkey boilers’ or ‘rocket water heaters’ wood-fired geysers date back hundreds of years. They are however perhaps more relevant today than they were at their inception – producing steam to drive hoists etc. This model is available in three sizes; 50l, 125l and 250l and surprisingly, unlike conventional electric geysers or solar geysers, hot water is available beyond the first tank of hot water whilst the fire is burning. Typically 1,5kg of wood is required to produce hot water in 30m.

Frequently Asked Questions

Price of the units range from R5262 to R9525 plus approximately R350 for the pressure safety valve. Typically 1,5kg of wood is all that is required to fire a 50l rocket water heater to provide HOT water.

Payback is infinitely quicker than other water heating system. And unlike all other water heating systems, there is no maintenance to speak of.

No. The wood-fired donkey does not require any back-up electricity, gas, solar or paraffin. Unreliable and expensive electricity, expensive gas, poor weather are no impediment to hot water.

The wood-fired donkey water heater is easier to install than any other water heating system. It is advisable to position the ‘rocket’ on a flat firm surface, preferably concrete and we would suggest for permanent installations that a small brick wall surround the fire box to keep little hands from getting burnt.

The rocket produces less emissions than a braai, and certainly no more than the electricity generated from our coal burning fire stations.

The numerous ‘working on fire’ and ‘working for water’ programmes around the country provide an almost endless supply of alien wood to fuel the system.

The wood-fired geyser can be connected to your existing plumbing infrastructure, in which case it will takes its water from your conventional geyser hot water-out (except now it will be cold since you will switched your geyser off) and will return hot water at the point where your existing geyser feeds the house / facility.

For new installations of any sort, the ‘rocket’ simply takes water from your normal supply and feeds hot water anywhere you would like.

Operating pop-up camps as we do from time to time our guests are always a little intrigued as to how we heat water for showers etc. And at locations where we have reasonable water pressure supply we are able to use rocket water heaters pretty much in the same manner in which they are used all over the world in homes, camps, lodges, rural areas etc.

50l Wood-Fired Geyser – R5262
(excludes pressure release valve – approx R350)

125l Wood-Fired Geyser – R7340
(excludes pressure release valve – approx R350)

250l Wood-Fired Geyser – R9525
(excludes pressure release valve – approx R350)

For more information on wood-fired geysers feel free to visit their website.

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