Corporate Camp Fire, fanning the flames of productivity…

The Corporate Camp Fire, fanning the flames of productivity

The camp fire is as old as time, mother nature provided the ignition through a bolt of lightning, and those that weren’t destroyed in the scorched result, would seek warmth from it. Since those early times, fire was purely a producer of heat energy (joules) and its purposes were numerous. Camp fires drew people together, not because they necessarily felt like chatting, but because it offered protection. It did, however, avoid those awkward typo’s and innuendos, which lurk as we communicate on WhatsApp today.

Why do we find the camp fire so mesmerizing; a quick google search reveals everything from the bizarre to the ridiculous. Some explanations involved dispelling myths that staring into a fire slows the brain down, others venture quite practical reasons. These include; warmth, the ever-changing movement, and the quite brilliant colours which flash, alive just for a moment, only to disappear into thin air, pushed up and away by another flame.

It was the camp fire, which enabled much communication, both verbal and otherwise, provided the environment for; natural leaders to emerge, and early entrepreneurs to listen to the gripes of fellow clan members, and develop solutions for their frustrations. Nurtures would provide comfort to the distressed, whilst the brave would seek out fresh meat.

It all worked. And so a sense of tribal cohesion was fostered, something modern man has been trying to re-capture ever since. How we have complicated our lives, and now rely on clever corporate games (team building) to achieve what the camp fire did so long ago. Complicated personality profiling is used to identify a sales person from an admin person, a leader from a follower, the camp fire does all of that, and more.

One thing for sure however, is that fire draws us near, regardless of the ambient temperature. The camp fire calms the irritable, soothes the nervous, quietens the noisy, appeases the angry, and when we are all in that transient state, something quite magical seems to happen. We connect with our peers,  not always verbally, but there is a sharing which takes place, and one which we can all relate to, regardless of title. But perhaps it is not just the camp fire alone which achieves this, after all, one could mimic this effect in your backyard, but somehow it’s not the same. The camp fire ends a day which is completely different to most other company gatherings, when in a camp.

It is the real camp fire that can provide this unrivaled corporate result, one which can only really be created at a camp.

Consider the power of the camp fire when planning your next conference or meeting.