Glamping is the ultimate compromise.


Glamping is the ultimate compromise. Glamorous camping has been called many things, but a statement like glamping is the ultimate compromise is not one that is immediately obvious.  In fact camping without compromise may

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Where and what is Baviaanskloof?


Where and what is Baviaanskloof? Where and what is Baviaanskloof? A question frequently asked of us, before we go into any more detail, consider these facts for a moment; South Africa’s largest wilderness area

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Adventure Travel


Adventure Travel In the past year my attention has been caught by the number of articles dedicated to adventure travel, and the rapid growth of this travel segment. I must concede, this may well

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Burnt Out Field Guide


Burnt Out Field Guide Are you with a burnt out field guide? Ever wondered about just how much energy your guide is putting into your safari. Reading this, you may be an agent who

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The Greatest Shoal on Earth


The Sardine Run The onset of winter in South Africa causes the cold Atlantic water to push up along the coastline made possible by the southbound warm benguela current losing some of its thrust

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