What We Do

We create, manage and distribute establishment information to the travel market. We specifically focus on the ecotourism sector.

The travel market is, in our interpretation, all travel professionals, both locally and abroad. What we do is not limited only to the travel market, and it is inevitable that our activities will reach the end user. 

It is our opinion that the ecotourism sector is squarely in the age of information and content management. For a number of reasons, our ability to deliver marketing content personally is rapidly diminishing. Is this as a result of our ability to supply information and content without delivering it personally or, as a consequence of our ability to do so? Who knows, and does it really matter?

One thing we may all agree on, is the fact that we strive for information and content to work for us, and specifically to work when we are not.

It may be of interest to know that; a survey we conducted in 2013 amongst conference and incentive travel buyers, where respondents were asked, amongst other questions, what there primary reference tool was in selecting an establishment or service provider. And the answer which, did not necessarily surprise us, was Google.

Having said this, ecotourism is not necessarily a commodity, and therefore cannot be managed exclusively by remote control, so to speak. It is a personal or intimate choice, unlike booking a flight and car, which we are quite happy to book online with little hesitation.

In much the same way that establishment owners are wishing to become more efficient, so too is the travel market, and in order for them to ‘work’ when they are not working, they require information and content. Our opportunity, therefore, is t0 produce and supply information and content, which is delivered to the travel market in the most efficient manner possible. We hasten to add that, this does not replace the value of delivering information content personally.

There is considerably more information in our marketing, sales and reservations presentation.

What we do is not the job of the travel market, rather supplying the travel market, in its broadest sense with the ability to sell our establishments.

The functions categorized below summarize the work that we do;


  • Design of print and digital advertising.
  • Design of printed material.
  • Management of Google Adwords.
  • Updating of marketing material to the travel trade.
  • Consultation.


  • Press releases.
  • News and information communications (design and write).
  • Database communication including costs and response management.
  • Assisting with customer complaints.


  • Management of Face book.
  • Management of Twitter.
  • Management of TripAdvisor.
  • Management of Instagram.
  • Management of Pinterest.
  • Management of client Youtube channel.


  • Provision of an online reservations platform.
  • Assistance with integration of online payment gateway.
  • Management of agent API’s.
  • Assisting with customer complaints.


  • Photography including post production and rendering to high resolution jpeg images.
  • The production of short 1080 HD clips for Youtube or similar broadcast.


  • Design and Build on CMS platform.
  • Maintenance including changes.
  • Search engine optimisation.
  • Domain hosting services.
  • Consultation.