Seasonal Camps

Seasonal Camps

Seasonal Camps, also known as nomadic camps, are by far the oldest form of human subsistence, and this lifestyle dates back to 8500 BC. Nomads were the ultimate ‘green’ travelers, moving from place to place to avoid depleting natural resources and, in search of better climates and food sources. For many reasons the nomadic lifestyle, and nomadic camps have dwindled in modern times.

Adventure travelers have never stopped looking for pristine natural habitats the world over, and nature never fails to deliver spectacular natural occasions. This synchronous presentation of vivid colors, endless shapes and often, young creatures in abundance, combine for the perfect season. Just as mother nature musters all her strength for a short time during the year, so must she rest, and allow the earth recover.

A number of factors need to be aligned to provide the perfect wilderness experience, and these include; unspoiled wilderness, environmentally friendly accommodation, activities, and guests looking for a unique adventure holiday experience. Nomadic Camps occur where natural spectacles, activities, and travelers meet.

Seasonal Camps Provide Experiential Accommodation

Our camps define experiential accommodation, and are luxury tented camps established for a relatively short period of time (camp season), at locations throughout South Africa. Designed with the discerning guest in mind, focus and attention is given to comfortable accommodation, modern amenities, freshly prepared meals, immersed in incredible environments.

Single minded in our attitude towards environmental sensitivity, our camps are established, managed, and removed, leaving little more than foot prints behind. Energy is obtained from the sun for the most part and water is heated to a comfortable warm temperature. The remote locations of our camps does limit our ability to accommodate specific dietary requirements.

Seasonal Camps are ideally suited to discerning adventure travelers, of all ages.

African Canvas is in the process of securing locations which will provide South Africa’s first luxurious seasonal camp. The locations will only be accessible with high clearance vehicles (4×4 will not be essential).

Seasonal Camps