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Below are the Pop-Up Camps which can you can book now. With our Pop-Up Camps which differ from our Mobile Tented Camps, are designed to provide individual guests the opportunity to experience ‘glamping‘ – South African style.


The Baviaanskloof Tented Camp will operate for a limited time only. The camp will be situated in a private wilderness area in the heart of the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve. The best access to the camp is from the western side of the kloof, and it is approximately 120km from Uniondale, the camp can be reached with a regular sedan. For the folk that wish begin their adventure with a small challenge, you can approach the camp from the east, through the kloof from Patensie. You will require a high clearance vehicle, at very least for this approach.

The camp will accommodate 28 guests in 9 tents. – RATES AND FACT SHEET HERE.

This is a world heritage site, and is home to 7 of South Africa’s 8 biomes occurring here, and yes! it is right along the garden route – just add a short drive in a raised body vehicle from your friendly car rental company. But what does that mean for adventure travellers? In our view there is no place which is quite as magnificent as Baviaanskloof, this is a ‘FULL HD’ experience. Guests are able to take one of two routes to the camp, the western entrance to Baviaanskloof is known as the Willowmore route, whilst the town of Patensie is closest to the eastern entrance. Whilst the travelling distances may be short, they are time consuming, and the travelling time from Port Elizabeth Airport is between 3  and 3,5 hours. This is largely due to the breathtaking scenery through which guests will drive, and it is unavoidable to get out from time to time to admire the panoramic views. The road sweeps around, up, and over hills as it makes its way through to the Baviaanskloof valley. And it is along the valley that the road will cross a number of crystal clear streams.

The Baviaanskloof Tented Camp is located along the banks of the Baviaanskloof River. The environment lends itself for guests to do as they please, and for the energetic, hiking or cycling will busy them for hours, whilst the more sedate can take themselves on a drive into the reserve in search of the elusive black rhino, amongst many other animal and bird species. Now there are those adventure travellers who may want to do little more than sit immersed in the water as it flows over rocky rapids with a glass of chilled chardonnay, and yes these too are adventure travellers, they are the ones looking for a digital detox.

  • Camp opens on the – 31st March 2017
  • Camp closes closes on the – 1st May 2017
  • R 695 – per person per night sharing – Safari Tent.  Bed & Breakfast.
  • R 695 – per person per night – Family Safari Tent. Bed & Breakfast.

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Reservations Contact Address – bookings@popupcamps.co.za

The Baviaanskloof Tented Camp promises an experiential travel opportunity seldom seen in South Africa.