Mobile Tented Camps

mobile tented camps


Mobile tented camps are certainly one of the undiscovered gems in the ecotourism sector of South Africa. It must be said that; the concept is well known amongst adventure travelers; Botswana immediately springs to mind. In Botswana there are many operators of mobile tented camps associated with their services of self-drive safaris across the country. They offer wonderful wilderness experiences.

LUXURY mobile tented camps are somewhat lesser known, and this is probably for a variety of reasons, not least of which are the rates and costs associated with establishing a luxury mobile tented camp. There are a handful of luxury mobile tented camp operators in South Africa, all of whom offer a quality product.

Very often we tend to make the mistake of comparing a luxury mobile tented camp with camping, and this would be a bit like calling a Ferrari ‘transport’.

Its not about the canvas;

Another mistake we often make is focusing on the canvas (tents), and we often ignore what the canvas does for us. It allows us to take superb meals, comfortable beds, hot showers etc. to places that you would ordinarily never get to experience. It also allows us to establish accommodation in highly sensitive areas, often within national parks and other protected areas. It is not possible for permanent lodges or hotels to occupy these magnificent wilderness areas for obvious reasons, and as a result they remain relatively inaccessible to visitors.

We do however recognize, that it is almost impossible to adequately describe the experience in words and visuals, and as such, the decision to book a luxury mobile tented camp is based on that which is clearly understood. This is the accommodation and meals and related services that one typically relies on when selecting a holiday, conference, or incentive venue.

Its everything but the canvas;

It is very often only when one is drifting off to sleep between crisp linen sheets, after a gourmet meal, to the night sounds, that one is able to adequately value the power of this experience.

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