Is your brand evolving?

As can be expected, our views are relevant to the ecotourism sector in which we work.

For people who do not wish to read the entire post, we will summarize here;

The evolution of a brand is important to ensure that your identity remains relevant in terms of its design and message, and informs your audience that your product is evolving.

In our experience the topic of changing a logo is met with a wide berth, akin, if you like, to someone expecting you to change your surname. This attitude is understandable given the highly personalised nature of ecotourism products, as we have often alluded to in Wilderness Explorer’s posts and pages.

Now at first glance, surely this is a simple process; “business owner, you need to look at your logo as a marketing tool, not a member of your family. Take a step back, and encourage your brand to evolve”.

It seems that evolving ones brand is not the real issue here, in fact the real issue is that in many ecotourism businesses, the concept, design, and management, is generally the product of an individual, and those very close to him or her. And any changes to any aspect of their business is perhaps viewed as undermining their work. Sadly it is often when a business is in distress, that owners become flexible in making changes to their business. Ecotourism businesses are no different to any other business, and if Coca Cola, Toyota, Microsoft, and many, many others, regard brand evolution as an important business process, there is no reason why we should not.

Let’s take a look at what brand evolution enables;

1. Signals to your market that your business is vibrant and improving.
2. Provides you with a reason to communicate with your market.
3. Prompts your market to explore what other changes may have taken place.
4. A market exploring your brand is the first step to your market engaging with you.

Now let’s take a look at what a stagnant brand creates;

  1. Complacency in your market, an idea that nothing has changed, and therefore no need to waste any time taking another look at your business.
  2. When the look and feel of your brand has not changed in many years, your communication loses rank priority in the minds of your audience.
  3. When the look and feel of your brand has not changed in many years, your communication loses rank priority in the minds of your audience.
  4. Any reasons why your audience is not supporting you as much as they could are re-enforced.

In summary, it is critical that business owners detach themselves from their businesses from time to time, and just long enough for basic marketing principles to take root. Having said this, never lose sight of the importance of your passion, simply strive to find the balance. Is your brand evolving?

Below are two examples of an evolving brand.

Ecotourism brand evolution
ecotorism evolving logo
game lodge logos evolving
Brand evolution