Experiential Travel

Experiential Travel

Wikipedia defines Experiential Travel as a trend in tourism and is also known as “immersion travel”. It is an approach to travelling which focuses on experiencing a country, city or particular place by connecting to its history, people and culture.[1] Therewith the concept is based on very similar mechanisms as for example experiential education, experiential knowledge, experiential interior design, and experiential marketing.

How We Define Experiential Travel

Now that we have considered the definition from, dare we say, the most authoritative definer of all things. It is fair to say that the term experiential travel, also known as immersive travel, is explained in many ways, and each explanation is supported by a number of examples, adding to the weight of authority of each one.

Tempted, as we may be, to weigh in with our own definition, we are not sure that we could reduce the definition of experiential travel to a single sentence. We prefer, instead, to think of what the term means to us.

For Wilderness Explorer the value of an experience is measured by its depth, not breadth, and in order to immerse oneself in an experience to any meaningful level, requires a specific approach. An approach possibly best summarized by the word ‘unhurried’


Experiential Travel South Africa

The World Tourism Organization (WTO)

The WTO reported on the the phenomenon, as part of a report on travel trends in 2014. And described it as the fastest growing travel trend.

Ecotourism And Experiential Travel

It is hard to imagine a more suitable sector when delivering most, if not all, of the components of experiential travel, regardless of whose definition one adopts.

The ecotourism sector is particularly well placed to deliver experiential travel products, without having to ‘wrap’ the same ‘one size fits all’ product in the hope of expanding our target markets.

Luxury Tented Camps And Experiential Travel

Immersing oneself in our natural surroundings certainly ticks one of the boxes, which characterizes this travel trend. A tented camp experience removes the barrier between travelers and their surroundings. Another box may well be the endless choice of locations, which a mobile luxury tented camp enables. In most cases, due to the ecologically sensitive impact of mobile tents on the environment, camps are able to access areas which are inaccessible to travelers, due to the lack of accommodation.

And it is a willing traveler, which ultimately makes it all possible, and thankfully there appears to be an increasing number of travelers who are seeking out experiential travel experiences.