Baviaanskloof Accommodation

Baviaanskloof Accommodation

Baviaanskloof AccommodationBaviaanskloof accommodation is sparse and broad in its range of options, and is possibly sufficient to meet the demand for the most part. But, as this relatively unknown gem is gaining acclaim amongst adventure travellers from both within South Africa and abroad, new accommodation options are becoming available.

The Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve is the largest wilderness area in South Africa and spans an area of 500,000 hectares or 5000 km², and is part of World Heritage site known as the Cape Floral Kingdom. In fact, 7 of the 8 biomes which occur in South Africa, occur in the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve. Baviaanskloof accommodation is largely restricted along the main route which runs west to east through the kloof. The rugged mountainous terrain has spared this vast wilderness area from development, owing largely to the logistics required to establish and operate accommodation other than in the kloof valley.

Tourism in the region is also seasonal, and this would probably be another reason why formal Baviaanskloof accommodation does not occur on a wider scale than it does. This is phenomenon is not unique to this area, and the entire country experiences significant seasonal peaks and troughs.

For the most part the kloof is accessible by normal sedan, it will however not be possible to traverse the entire route from east to west, or vice versa without a high clearance vehicle at least. Baviaanskloof accommodation is largely concentrated in the east and west, with a very modest camping options available in within the ECPTA managed section of the kloof. WARNING: think very carefully before deciding to set up camp at either of the two sites within the ECPTA managed section, rogue baboons are out of control, and will cause significant damage to your car, kit and equipment in search of something to eat. And one need not have anything edible concealed to tempt them to rip into tents and bags the moment you turn your back. The park authority suggests leaving your tents open to allow them to rummage through without destroying your kit and equipment in the process. In fact, a recent visit to one of these sites cost us in excess of R45,000 in damage.

Pop-Up Camps SA is excited at the prospect of operating a luxury tented camp within the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve, adding some Baviaanskloof accommodation over the peak demand period from the 15th of December 2016 until the 15th of January 2017. The Baviaanskloof Tented Camp will accommodate a maximum of 20 guests in safari tents, each will accommodate two guests in ¾ beds between crisp linen. The tents include an attached chemical flush toilet and warm water shower. This unpretentious adventure camp will provide tasty home-styled fare, in a variety of locations as the weather permits. Rates are fully inclusive of dinner, bed, brunch, tea, and dinner, with the option of a picnic lunch for those wishing to spend the day exploring the kloof, either on foot or along one of the 4×4 trails.

The camp can be reached from either the west or the east and is;

  • 207km from Knysna, and
  • 184km from Port Elizabeth.

The recommended route is via Uniondale as this will save the lengthy journey through the most rugged parts of the kloof, and from Uniondale, the camp can be reached with a normal sedan.

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